About CA Research Committee

Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts

Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals 2012

Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts envisions itself as

1. a community of professionals in the field of communication arts

2. inspired by the pursuit of learning through service

3. engaged in the pursuit of excellence

Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts envisions its graduates as

1. creative with high personal integrity

2. professionally competent, ethically sound, and socially responsible

3. flexible to changes in the communication industry


Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts serves the nation and community through the 

application of communication with emphasis on ethical principles to create a better society 

through information.

The school revised the goals and strategic objectives in March 2012 to better align with those of 

the university’s six strategic themes. The revised goals and strategic objectives are to be 

implemented in the academic year 2012.



Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts Order

No. 11 / 2013


Subject: Appointment to the positions in Research Committee,

 Albert LaurenceSchool of Communication Arts


            The Dean of Albert LaurenceSchool of Communication Arts, empowered by the University, appoints the following

persons to the Research Committee for the Academic Year 2013:


               1. A. Nutthaphut Pandjad                                          Chairman

2. A.Pongpipat Pongton                                            Member

3. A. Arunwadi Leewananthawet                              Member

4. A. Vajirakorn Ardkhumwong                                 Member

5. A. Patana Duangpatra                                             Member

6. A. Suttirat Satayaprasert                                         Member

7. A. Kritakorn Pua-Ariya                                          Member

8. A. Nattanan Naewmalee                                         Member and Secretary



            This appointment is effective from June 1, 2013 and tenable until July 31, 2014



Given on May 15, 2013




Rev. Bro. Bancha Saenghiran

    Acting Dean


Roles and responsibilities

The following functions must be accomplished by the committee:

1.      Giving directions and formulating research policies

2.      Guiding and supporting new researchers including writing academic works,    publication of papers and paper presentation.